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Why Bill Gates Reads 50 Books A Year And How You Can Too!

The conversation touched on topics ranging from energy technology, global health, and feminism to the fact that Melinda has now banned conversations about toilets (a particular passion of Bill’s) at the dinner table.“I’m not really good at commenting on myself,” Gates told Co. “But if it means a broad, diverse set of people who are engaged in philanthropy and bringing different perspectives to philanthropy …

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In a blog post that was picked up by the Huffington post, Bill Gates writes about why we need innovation, not insulation.

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How Khan Academy Is Changing the Rules of Education WIRED

Then, I completely agree with that.” While it’s not clear whether Beyonce was actually applauding Gates’s philanthropy or him being the richest man in the world–either way it works.

Web site offering free online math lessons catches on “like wildfire.

The nation's cops, it's fair to say, face some real conundrums in the course of their duty. "I'm having trouble with my homework, could you help me? Speaking to BBC Radio on Wednesday, Gruber recounted the incident.

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