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Community Q&A Not everyone has grandparents and in this time and age, it's very easy to take them for granted and before you know... What would you do now to spend one more day with them, one more hour? Remember your grandparents are older and may not have as much as energy as you have.

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What do you do or experience there, and why is it meaningful to you.

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It's crazy how my mom can go on every social media and post pictures of me claiming that I'm a model but behind close doors she tells me I'm not It's crazy how she boast about me getting honors all over but when I go to her and ask her to bring me to buy materials for my project she says "No, I don't feel like" It's crazy how she always insulting me ing me a bitch, liar, and says that what I wanna do with my life is be on the street with men but when I say she's ing me a hoe her response is that those words never left her mouth.

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Every day she worships Goddess Kali very sincerely.

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