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Like remember when Bob the Builder accidentally swore on camera? Who better to take advantage of this effect (i.e., the unexpected-comedic-communication-is-hy-humorous effect) than academic psychologists? The unsuccessful self-treatment of a case of “writer's block” (This one's been replicated, too.) Lack of Brevity Award (and Best Title Award) Danny Oppenheimer won the 2006 Nobel prize for Literature with this paper. Its authors are funny, they do a study on jokes, and the opening anecdote is priceless.

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Students naturally want their research paper topics to be memorable.

Journal What is the funniest <b>research</b> paper you have ever read.

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We’ve been collecting scientific articles with bizarre titles for more than five years for our blog, Seriously, Science? (It used to be known as NCBI ROFL, for National Center for Biotechnology Information: Rolling on the Floor Laughing.

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If you have been given a little wgle room when it comes to developing a topic for your research paper, it is a good idea to keep it interesting by choosing a funny research paper topic.

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