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Darkness and Possibilities Written by: Casey I look out the window in the dead of the nht and all you see is darkness When you glare at the ceiling after you turn off the lhts and all you see is darkness As you shut your eyes to fall asleep and all you see is darkness Darkness, Darkness so dark you can almost feel it deep within you The feeling of not being able to see or know what is around you As you dream and think about what could possibly be out there Life when you think about it, is half darkness Not knowing what’s out there, not being able to feel it The curiosity of someone when they wonder what’s past the bricks of darkness Many people don’t get past the wall Can’t take an axe up to the bricks and tear it down But when you get passed the wall and you see what all you see is lht is out there Brht, glorious, happy, full of new possibilities and opportunities Now all you need to do is open your eyes This poem is about darkness and how it can symbolize being scared and sticking to the same old same old.

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Bobby The Difference and Similarity between Lht and Dark Lht and dark have very different meanings in everyday language.

Other <i>Essays</i>/Contrast of Lht & Dark in Scarlet Letr term paper 3857

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Lht in Darkness Through the novel The Assault by Harry Mulisch and translated by Claire Nicolas White, the idea of hope, evil and good is developed using the imagery of lht versus dark.

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Casey Finkel Literature Essay 2 Rowe 3/21/12 The Lht In Darkness “Sublime upon sublime scarcely presents a contrast, and we need a little rest from everything, even the beautiful.” Victor Hugo The works of art created in the Romantic period were characterized by their typiy dense, bold, and dramatic contrasts.

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