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Coast Guard Reserve Petty Officer 1st Class Nelson F. Coast Guard has a snificant presence in Afghanistan is not well known, and yet it is quite true.

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Note that the four dit channel number beginning with the dits "10" indicates simplex use of the ship station transmit side of what had been an international duplex channel.

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Del Valle, Coast Guard Redeployment Assistance and Inspection Detachment Team 13, tags a container after inspection in Helmand province, Afghanistan. Some of its members serve on what is certainly one of the Coast Guard's most inland assnments ever: the redeployment assistance and inspection detachment (RAID) that is spread throughout the landlocked nation.

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What is or, more importantly, is not in your record can and often does impact your assnment, especially when screening for command cadre, advanced education and special assnments. Therefore, it is imperative that everyone verifies their ESS in CGBI.

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