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Levertov's Final Interview - University of Illinois

For years I have nurtured an aversion to end-line punctuation because it tends to say too much too soon, spoiling the surprises of the next line.

The Breaks Quality of Pause at the End of the Line Kitchen Sink.

A line break is a moment of suspense for both the reader and the poet, who await the poem’s next move, and this moment can be wasted if it is not allowed to take its time.

A Burning Patience <strong>Essays</strong> by <strong>Levertov</strong>, Hugo, etc.

Susan Glickman On the Line

From her home near the edge of Seattle's Lake Washington, Denise Levertov could study Mount Rainier through her window.

A Burning Patience Essays by Levertov, Hugo, etc.

Denise Levertov, who died on December 20, 1997, was much loved by her readers and an inspiration to several generations of poets. Like her mentor, William Carlos Williams, Levertov excelled at the direct presentation of the object, and yet she went further, endowing such objects with rich metaphorical snificance.

Denise levertov essay on line breaks:

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