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It also provides the best, most sustained exposure possible to the most wide-ranging, acute, and orinal literary intellence of the post—World War II years.

February 2010 Christopher Hitchens on Gore

To the Editors: For forty years The New York Times has, from time to time, put its collective “mind” to work in trying to find ways of coping with my disturbing presence on the American scene.

Bio - <strong>Gore</strong> <strong>Vidal</strong> - The <strong>United</strong> <strong>States</strong> of Amnesia

Bio - Gore Vidal - The United States of Amnesia

Buckley Jr., you mht have turned the final page, refreshed from another serving of cogent thought and elegant prose, to find, on the back cover, a truly shocking sht: a full-page ad for Absolut vodka featuring a color portrait, taken by Annie Leibovitz, of the far-left novelist and provocateur Gore Vidal. Wasn’t Vidal, in the superhero terminology of my youth, WFB’s arch-nemesis?

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In Russian, the phrase "gore vidal" means "he has seen grief".

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