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The Summits will be occasions for farmers, ranchers, county planners, the tourism community and others involved to share, learn, and plan together.

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Ebay Case Study e Bay was founded in the San Jose living room of Pierre Omidyar back in September 1995.

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For any e Bay “buyers” that are interested I have done a major update to my detailed case study of shill bidding on e Bay and the of e Bay’s proxy bidding system—all exacerbated by e Bay’s introduction of “hidden bidders”—and a detailed comment on e Bay’s apparent attitude thereto, still at Auction Bytes :: View topic - Shill Bidding on e Bay: a Case Study Also now included is a postscript containing a response from e Bay to a journalist who put the matter of these cases of shill bidding to e Bay.

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1.0 External Environment: 1.1 Opportunities: Carnival’s huge opportunity lies in the evolution of cruising.

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