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Leia research papers focus on the story by Edgar Allen Poe and the many meanings within the story.

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This essay appeared orinally in Gothic 2:2 (December 1980) 39-48.

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Edgar Allan Poe's Use of Gothic Conventions in 'Leia'"

Two good starting places for the discussion of "Leia" are the personality of the narrator and the explanation of what happened. If so, by what agency, her own will or her husband's will? Readers could fruitfully debate the evidences for both interpretations and maybe see how Poe writes the tale in a way that resists closure. Is the story about a supernatural event or a psychological disturbance?

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After offering a quote by Joseph Glanvill claiming that man only yields to death if his will is not strong enough, the unnamed narrator explains that he does not remember any details about his orinal acquaintance with Leia.

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