The specter original essays on the cold war and the origins of mccarthyism

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This article reviews the huge Cold War-era and post-Cold War literature on American Communism and anti-Communism in the United States.

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He published four books: (Columbia University Press, 1976); Nhtmare in Red: The Mc Carthy Era in Perspective (Oxford University Press, 1990); The Russians Are Coming! Pageantry and Patriotism in Cold-War America (Oxford, 1998); and (Ivan R.

<i>Specter</i> Orinal <i>Essays</i> on the <i>Cold</i> <i>War</i>

Specter Orinal Essays on the Cold War

As well as his extensive teaching career, he is noteworthy as an expert on the Federal Bureau of Investation, J. Born in Milwaukee, Theoharis earned all of his degrees from the University of Chicago: two bachelor's degrees in political science in 19, a master's degree in 1958 and his Ph. Theoharis's first book was Anatomy of Anti-Communism (1969), which was quickly followed with the publication of his revised Ph D dissertation, directed under the supervision of Walter Johnson, titled The Yalta Myths: An Issue in U. This was followed by his influential Seeds of Repression: Harry S.

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The specter original essays on the cold war and the origins of mccarthyism:

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