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Following the area's development, people moved to the square in droves, and with them came brothels, pickpockets, and streetwalkers.

Model who danced naked in times square pens powerful essay on.

Delany The Times Square envisioned in polymath Samuel Delany’s collection of two collusive essays is one occupying a science fictional space.

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@kritmcclean Earlier this summer, 21-year-old model Krit Mc Clean stripped naked in Times Square, climbed the iconic TKTS staircase, screamed about Donald Trump, and recited lyrics from Kanye West's Nike-inspired diss track "FACTS." After taunting police for 90 minutes and jumping three stories from the staircase, Mc Clean was arrested and admitted to Bellevue hospital for three weeks — a period during which he has retained an impressive sense of humor about the whole ordeal, frequently posting to Instagram with hashtags such as #theprisonerofbellevueistrynaplaysomequidditch. I am now on medication and go to therapy sessions weekly."Mc Clean recounts the morning of June 30 when he stepped off the F train near Times Square "in the throes of paranoia." He became convinced that people were after him and started receiving subliminal messages from towering billboards, including one from Express Jeans.

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Now known worldwide as a symbol of the American spirit, Times Square is home to many popular Manhattan attractions, including Hard Rock Cafe, Madame Tussauds Wax Museum, and ABC's Times Square Studios (where Longacre Square started with a few brownstones built by a developer who saw potential for a new "uptown" nehborhood.

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